Life Follies

Daily Word Prompt:  Folly


Where do I begin

At the folly of birth

Or the folly of mirth

What do I list

The  beautiful folly of Love

Or  hopeful folly of help above…

What  do I remember

The folly of nursing a broken heart

Or the folly of living our lives apart…

What do I miss 

The folly of ever believing in perfection

Or the folly of seeking it in my reflection…

Oh ye Follies of Love and Life  

Stop the gamble, stop the strife



Mystical Life




  1. 1.

    relating to mystics or religious mysticism.

  2. 2.

    inspiring a sense of spiritual mystery, awe, and fascination.




Life itself, to me, is more mystical than anything else.  Not deeply religious, I’m yet to find my calling to anything purely spiritual….

 Relationships fascinate me…. One never knows where life takes a turn and one comes face to face with something or someone that makes you feel your entire life was directed to that moment….

Learning to live with unexpected twists and turns of life, mastering a wayward mind, creating lifetime bonds that never break, finding love in the most unlikely places,  touching lives and sometimes saving them….. Are more mystical to me than anything ….. 

Till I find another meaning, I believe Mystical is a synonym for Life. 

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We abide in each other 

A tiny bit of each of us 

We carry in each other

Like waves receding, we meet

Giving some, taking some

Change a tiny bit, forever 

We go on our way, unruffled,

Even unaware perhaps,

That we, each one of us, abide 

In tiny bits, in each other,

Forever and Ever…..



The panoply of emotions astounded her mind

Amazement at the way time had been kind …..

Happiness on feasting her eyes after all these years

The strength of love hurting her, bringing tears


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Tiny Moments

WPC : Tiny

Different strokes

This one taken to highlight the sheer size n beauty of these age old roots which fascinated me……


Dwarfed by the Roots


A tiny but treasured moment….

My tiny Bundle Of Joy


The tiny bundle now a sprightly 16 yr old captured against the vast beautiful expanse of nature…..

Tiny part of nature

We cherish the day these tiny treasures entered our life

Tiny Double Trouble






Ripples N Reflections

“I don’t think women can have it all, you just cope said Indra Nooyi, one of the world’s most powerful women the 58-year old Chairman and CEO of PepsiCo and mother of two daughters on an interview earlier this week…….

It set me thinking…how do millions -including yours truly – of working women “cope”? I decided to pen a few thoughts on this with regard to my own life. I read somewhere that one has to be a contortionist to play all the roles life demands. To an extent, I guess it’s true especially if you are a working mom.

There is no magic formula to decide how much time is too little and how much is too much whether its the time you give to home or to work. Each one has a different type of job, different deadlines, and different family commitments. How one integrates all these into a …

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 Vegetal – To be or Not to be

Is a Vegetal life a life at all?? Is it worth existing but not living? So many souls called alive because a machine says they are. Is a life without awareness, emotions and thoughts a human life? 

I know my own answer. I should be allowed to choose. I would prefer going away peacefully rather than be kept “Alive” hooked to tubes and machines. 

A point to ponder. 

I am a practising doctor. 

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