Did You Tell her?? 


Did you tell her you
came to me with broken wings?
Did you tell her you
were heartbroken n told me things?

Did you tell her that I
tended to that broken mind n heart?
Did you tell her that I
listened to you and opened my heart?

Did you tell her you
learned to laugh, learned to love again?
Did you tell her you
learned to see the colors of life  again?

Did you tell her that I
brushed the cobwebs away,
Did you tell her that I
made you smile, come what may?

Did you tell her that you
now healed and sealed, went right back
Did you tell her that you
left me hurt n broken, in my lil shack?

Did you tell her that I
still cry myself to sleep
Did you tell her that I
now have a lifetime to weep?

In Response to the One Word Prompt




  does it take a genius 

to know whats wrong and right 

does it take a genius 

to make her smile a little bright

does it take a genius 

to respect what was once a refuge 

does it take a genius 

to not need to resort to subterfuge 

does it take  a genius 

not to hurt a heart that loved you so

does it take a genius 

to  hold on tight and not ever let go 

does it take a genius 

to not shatter a dream

does it take a genius 

to hear the silent scream ??


in response to word prompt


Savage Life

they met, they loved 

they parted, they cried

they met again, they smiled,  

they were one, a whole again…


there was magic in the air, 

the tender hand on her hair…. 

time went by,

life was a blur

of hugs and promises

smiles and stolen kisses….


yet there came a day 

when he did pull away!

 savage his words

I no longer feel love

savage his action 

of final retraction 

savage his love

forgetting his vow

savage his heart 

tears hers apart

Savage is love,

Savage is life !


In response to Daily Prompt :


The Peak Tourist Season For Awe Inspiring Ladakh Is May-September. Here’s My Experience Of It


From my QUILL

Paw Prints 

She came to us, more than 18 years ago. A tiny bundle,  barely two months old and walked straight into our collective hearts…. 

We’d wanted a pet that would grow with the kids. We did not  realize then that we had just adopted another kid!  Minnie,  as we were told she was named, decided I was her mom and Rajiv her dad. She would run to the door as any of us came in and a small lil dance of her own, prancing around,  to welcome us. Her limpid eyes reflected unconditional love n happiness. She brought joy to all of us  

Rohan who was 6 then adored her and Apoorva, who was born about 6 months after Minnie,  literally grew up with her. 

The bond they shared with Minnie was a treat to watch… She was so much a part of their lives and hearts. It was much later that we actually realized just how much she meant to them, as a source of joy and confort. 

Minnie was ladylike and yet, had a strong and solid presence. I don’t remember her upsetting or angering us in any way. She had been easy to train and barely troubled us the way some pets could. 

Often, when I left the house for hospital emergencies at night, she would be the only one awake and would be waiting by the door till I returned. She would walk me back to my room and then go and sleep in the children’s room. A ritual she followed religiously. God Bless her. 

Rajiv was her friend and playing with him was a treat for her. Each of us had an extra special bond with her in our own ways  and she  became a part of a family of five! 

The only painful part about having  her was leaving her. She was troubled towards the end by a series of medical ailments which left her debilitated frail and blind. Rohan and Apoorva looked after her in a way that both touched and frightened me. Rohan would spend entire days on end tending to her and taking her out in his arms. She could barely raise her head towards the end and yet she would wag her tail the moment I reached home. Apoorva hugged her to comfort her a hundred times a day… 

The repeated trips to the vet told their own story and I knew it wasn’t long before she left us. The vet was kind but finally told us it was futile and we had to let her go. It still took usover 4 weeks to take that last step. She took barely a few seconds to go as I held her in my arms at the vets clinic. 

Rohan had found a place where we could cremate her and I drove 35 kms on the outskirts of Pune  to that place. Apoorva drew a beautiful drawing of her and wrote our goodbyes on it which we consigned to flames along with Minnie as I lit her pyre. Silent tears from me and sobs from the children accompanied our sweet lil companion of 13 and a half years.  Rajiv was away on a posting and could only grieve from afar. 

It was 02 July 2011. Six years today. 

A gentler pet never lived. 

You loved and were loved unconditionally, dear Minnie. 

Puzzling Battle

My favorite idea of a dream”Me-Time” is to curl on my side of the bed, with a book in one hand, my favorite music playing in the background, with my other hand dipping into a bowl of snacks! The snack may be from an array of possibilities from the ubiquitous potato chips to nachos to chocolates.

My favorite part of the midmorning tea is the snacks that I hope, will be served with it. 

My favorite part of the evening is watching my favorite show on TV with- yes you guessed it – a bowl of snacks on my bedside table.

My favorite part of any party is the small-eats that is part and parcel of any decent dinner, be it fish fingers kabobs or Tikkas. 

My favorite section in the Food store is the snack corner, be it biscuits,  dry fruits or packed Indian savouries. 

My idea of a good birthday party is a collection of heavy snacks varying from rolls and finger food to cakes and pastries. 

Barring all of the above, I’m on a strict diet. Yet I wonder why my weighing machine refuses to show the results… 


In response to Daily Prompt



Love life and loyalty

Are they all faulty

Friendship and its elation

Is that too just an illusion???

Are we all just conditioned

With the ideas mentioned

From birth through books

Poems and music that looks

At life through rose tinted glasses

Be it love, be it deep affection 

Is all of it just plain Illusion???