Love life and loyalty

Are they all faulty

Friendship and its elation

Is that too just an illusion???

Are we all just conditioned

With the ideas mentioned

From birth through books

Poems and music that looks

At life through rose tinted glasses

Be it love, be it deep affection 

Is all of it just plain Illusion???


A mother writes…

My darling daughter,

As you stand on the threshold of a new life, a hundred images flash across my mind’s eye….. the tiny bundle placed in my arms… my precious little princess. The toddler years, the turbulent teens, the choices you made, the games you played , the secrets we shared, the late night chick flicks, the small joys and sorrows that seemed so big till we spoke of them…. in the middle of it all you grew up and  today  you are a young woman with a mind of your own and I’m proud to say,  her own person. So strike out on your own and make your own little paradise of a home with your chosen one.

Yet there’s a small fear lurking in the shadows of my mind… what if things do not turn out as you have hoped? What if he does not give you the freedom to be you? What if he thinks your profession is not a fulfilling a dream, but just a whim?

What if he thinks a small whack on your hand if you do something he does not approve is “OK”? What if he thinks its “the norm” to lose his temper if you dare go where he has forbidden you to go or do what he thinks you should not do? What if he thinks a raised voice or a raised hand is justified if you get a “little out of hand”?

What if he thinks “its fine” to get home with his friends and proceed to get high as you put together snacks and meals and then makes fun of you?

What if he thinks that every mistake you make perceived or real, is reason enough to strike or hurt you? What if he thinks you have to pay for each “misdemeanor” with a scar on your body or mind?

What if he thinks that laying a hand on you “goes with the  turf” as he is the Man?

Then my darling, you get right back home and share your pain with us. Nothing that does not feel right will ever be right. If you need a confidante, I will always be there. If you need shelter, our home, no, your home is always open. If you discover its been a mistake,  its never too late. There is no reason whatsoever to suffer in pain or just wishing it away. We have to talk about the elephant in the room. No partner or spouse is ever justified in using violence – physical, verbal or emotional against his /her partner. There are ways and means of sorting out incompatibility issues  or sheer bad luck in choosing a partner other than violence. There is no stigma attached to choosing to walk out of a bad relationship. It is your choice. And more importantly, it is your right.

Do not blame yourself or make excuses for him.

Just hold your head high and head back home. Its doors will always be open for you. And so will my arms be. To hold you, hug you and walk you through life. Always.  No matter what! Know that.

Loads of love and a tight hug to my princess.


#A letter to Her – Part of a Blogathon to spread awareness about Domestic Violence

#I would like to read When I Hit You by Meena Kandasamy  to know how to deal with Domestic Violence and because it breaks the silence surrounding domestic violence.



A tribute to Paper

Pieces of  Paper…. 

Sometimes telling 

Stories of capers…

Sometimes acting 

As exchangers 

Sometimes bringing 

News through letters

Sometimes adding 

Life to pictures

Sometimes causing 

Joy to readers

Sometimes inducing 

Pride in authors….


Pieces of paper 

Still hold their own 

In the digital world 

Nothing like the feel 

Of crisp new  pages 

Telling their stories 

Down through the ages…


Bottled up inside 

were the words

she never said

the love 

the passion

 no longer wanted

the pain

the guilt

that  always gnawed

the lines

the poems

no one ever read

the memories

the ghosts

that forever haunted 


All of it,  bottled inside, 

inside, she let them hide

bubbling and simmering

a hot molten lava

devouring her 

waiting to erupt…… 




Crushed Blossoms

He had called

She had run

He had wished

She had done

He had loved

She’d blossomed

He had wooed

She had swooned

He had kissed

She had melted

He became her man

She was his woman.


His interest waned

She felt pained

He found another

She ached all over

He pulled away

She tried to stay

His careless words

Her endless tears

Blossoms had wilted

She had to be jilted

He was no longer her man

She was still his woman.





How does my mind does do it, I often wonder

Create an ocean from a ripple as I ponder ….

One thought leads to another n then another

Till there’s​ an avalanche jostling each other…..

My mind spins on and my pulse races

My life story goes through its paces..

The good the bad and the ugly as the cliche goes

Flits across the mind’s eye – the highs and the lows

The promises and the lies, the smiles and the tears

The minutes run into hours, days, months and years!

Stop creating your ripples and reflections, oh my mind

Let me rest a while,  let me go and leave  you behind!  




A Lonely Place

Bitter is dark and lonely place,

A place I’ve seen face to face,

Not proud of it, just being honest

Triggered by events not the best..

One has to fight tooth and nail

With your mind and never fail!

Daunting task, but needs to be done

Scars may show, but battle is won…

Mind at peace, sleep is a friend again

No demons to slay, no thoughts to pain..

Bitter is a place not to go ever again

Life is life, some to lose, some to gain! 


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