Bottled up inside 

were the words

she never said

the love 

the passion

 no longer wanted

the pain

the guilt

that  always gnawed

the lines

the poems

no one ever read

the memories

the ghosts

that forever haunted 


All of it,  bottled inside, 

inside, she let them hide

bubbling and simmering

a hot molten lava

devouring her 

waiting to erupt…… 




Crushed Blossoms

He had called

She had run

He had wished

She had done

He had loved

She’d blossomed

He had wooed

She had swooned

He had kissed

She had melted

He became her man

She was his woman.


His interest waned

She felt pained

He found another

She ached all over

He pulled away

She tried to stay

His careless words

Her endless tears

Blossoms had wilted

She had to be jilted

He was no longer her man

She was still his woman.





How does my mind does do it, I often wonder

Create an ocean from a ripple as I ponder ….

One thought leads to another n then another

Till there’s​ an avalanche jostling each other…..

My mind spins on and my pulse races

My life story goes through its paces..

The good the bad and the ugly as the cliche goes

Flits across the mind’s eye – the highs and the lows

The promises and the lies, the smiles and the tears

The minutes run into hours, days, months and years!

Stop creating your ripples and reflections, oh my mind

Let me rest a while,  let me go and leave  you behind!  




A Lonely Place

Bitter is dark and lonely place,

A place I’ve seen face to face,

Not proud of it, just being honest

Triggered by events not the best..

One has to fight tooth and nail

With your mind and never fail!

Daunting task, but needs to be done

Scars may show, but battle is won…

Mind at peace, sleep is a friend again

No demons to slay, no thoughts to pain..

Bitter is a place not to go ever again

Life is life, some to lose, some to gain! 


In response to the Daily Prompt:


Home Journey

Yippee, she was on her way home,

It made her feel happy n then some!

Hark!! Was that the entire story?

C’mon, girl, out with real history!! 

Oh, Yes!  she would see him tonight

They would talk, debate, laugh n fight!

And before the train journey was over and done,

Of many ideas exchanged, some would come undone! 

Her quickened heartbeat of anticipation,

Told​ her this was a friend for every season! 

In her dreamy smile, her nervous actions,

Lay exposed her own heart’s desire n reasons! 


In response to the one word  Daily Prompt


A Better Me


What would I want to be Better at?

Well, everything I’m not yet good at!

So here​ goes

I wish to be ..


A Better Mom

In better Form! 

A Better Wife

‘N lesser Strife! 

A Better Healer

A wee bit taller!!

A better Friend

Across every bend!

A better lover

A heart mover!

A Better Daughter

In word n letter 

A Better sibling

Ever sharing n caring

A Better Blogger

All would love reading! 

A Better human being

All would love liking! 

A Better Me, a Better Face

A Better world A Better place !!


In response to Daily One word Prompt :


Tomorrow’s another day!

The eternal bane of my life

My ‘lifestyle’ styles my life! 

It’s been a long journey

To ‘well-fed’ from ‘Scrawny’!

Life’s style to be blamed

No points ever claimed!!

I love to eat and sometimes, guess I live to eat!

Sweets a must, icecreams a way to beat the heat! 

Exercise regimen here today, gone tomorrow,

Fill me and my burdened heart with equal sorrow! 

Tomorrow’s another day, a new way to change my style

Today, let sinful munchies n guilty sweets be my lifestyle! 

Dessert 1