Home Journey

Yippee, she was on her way home,

It made her feel happy n then some!

Hark!! Was that the entire story?

C’mon, girl, out with real history!! 

Oh, Yes!  she would see him tonight

They would talk, debate, laugh n fight!

And before the train journey was over and done,

Of many ideas exchanged, some would come undone! 

Her quickened heartbeat of anticipation,

Told​ her this was a friend for every season! 

In her dreamy smile, her nervous actions,

Lay exposed her own heart’s desire n reasons! 


In response to the one word  Daily Prompt


A Better Me


What would I want to be Better at?

Well, everything I’m not yet good at!

So here​ goes

I wish to be ..


A Better Mom

In better Form! 

A Better Wife

‘N lesser Strife! 

A Better Healer

A wee bit taller!!

A better Friend

Across every bend!

A better lover

A heart mover!

A Better Daughter

In word n letter 

A Better sibling

Ever sharing n caring

A Better Blogger

All would love reading! 

A Better human being

All would love liking! 

A Better Me, a Better Face

A Better world A Better place !!


In response to Daily One word Prompt :


Tomorrow’s another day!

The eternal bane of my life

My ‘lifestyle’ styles my life! 

It’s been a long journey

To ‘well-fed’ from ‘Scrawny’!

Life’s style to be blamed

No points ever claimed!!

I love to eat and sometimes, guess I live to eat!

Sweets a must, icecreams a way to beat the heat! 

Exercise regimen here today, gone tomorrow,

Fill me and my burdened heart with equal sorrow! 

Tomorrow’s another day, a new way to change my style

Today, let sinful munchies n guilty sweets be my lifestyle! 

Dessert 1



It was a just a regular day….

Busy at work, not much to say!

Now the job was done, I was on my way.. 

Heading  home, I had some dues to pay.


Chore over, I quickly resumed my way back…

A lil while later, I felt someone on my track! 

I quickened my steps, those steps did too

I panicked and broke into a step staccato!! 

I turned into a lane and felt the steps do the same,

Every movie I’d seen, every horror story reared its name…

The steps caught up, I felt a hand on my arm,

Panic-stricken, I turned – ready to strike n harm! 


A smile greeted me and an outstretched hand…

“Your purse, Mam” were the musical words I heard! 

Tension flowed out, a nervous smile broke out….

Faith in humanity restored, what a turnabout!! 





She never knew love could

be like this

all consuming

all encompassing…..

All she cared about was

how to make him smile 

She removed the cobwebs

from his life

She was the sunshine 

who showed him the path

Roads were rocky,

but she was plucky!

He stumbled off and on

her hands always steadying him.


One day they reached a cliff,

she tripped and stumbled

Reached for his hands to hold on to

but, sadly, there were None!

She clambered her way back

 Looking​ for him, but he was gone!


In response to the one word Daily Prompt: None



Their eyes met across the  crowded hall

Lightning struck, their eyes said it all….

They met again, the words tumbled forth

Lightning struck again, their minds held court…

‘I love you’ they both wanted to say, 

But Control locked the words away…

Their hearts were near enough to really matter 

Now they’re far apart, far enough to shatter! 

Lightning strikes, every day,  to this very day

Lightning strikes, every time, come what may…..

‘I love you’ they both so want to say,

But Control locks the words away…..

images (73)

In response to the Daily Prompt:


Life’s Yarns

Life spins it’s yarn

We often try to darn

Different patterns n hues

But life has its own brews!


Chance meetings

Coincidence brings

Yarn spinners are believed

Spun yarns often trusted

Life yarns come undone 

A lifetime spent n redone!


Life’s yarns are Stranger 

Than any stories wager….

Spin on n on, dear Destiny..

Maybe, the best is yet to be!! 


In response to Daily Prompt: Yarn